Brad Pitt’s Coffee Ritual Is Simply Perfetto

We all have our own ritual when it comes to drinking our cup of coffee: From the way we brew it to the extra ingredients we add to it — like milk, sugar, or a drop of whiskey — to complementing our drink with a delicious, fresh-baked pastry treat, we follow all the steps necessary to make sure that all runs smoothly. Of course, there’s always room for more so, if you ever feel the need for an extra dose of caffeine, then you should try savoring your hot drink the way Brad Pitt does in De’Longhi’s “Perfetto” global campaign.

Developed with M&C Saatchi Milan, the initiative marks the American actor’s global brand ambassador role, putting his great talent at work to promote De’Longhi’s line of automatic espresso machines. “De’Longhi has seen extraordinary growth in recent years and the production of home coffee machines has assumed a central role in this growth,” said Massimo Garavaglia, De’Longhi Group CEO. “We believe that Brad Pitt is the perfect ambassador to tell the world about De’Longhi — he is the quintessential embodiment of the De’Longhi spirit: Bold and international but at the same time, sophisticated and elegant.”

Dear readers, fans of coffee, and admirers of Brad Pitt, if it happens to read our weekly #ThrowBrandThursday article in the morning or while simply enjoying a coffee during a break, then you are in for an Oscar-worthy cinematic treat.

The film that accompanied the news was conceptualized with the help of director Damien Chazelle, cinematographer Linus Sandgren, and composer Justin Hurwitz, all part of the “La La Land” team, with renowned photographer Lachlan Bailey joining the crew to capture Pitt’s Perfetto coffee ritual in spectacular images. The ad introduces the audience to a “day-in-the-life-of-Brad-Pitt” kind of experience, allowing the public to follow the actor while he rides around LA on his motorcycle. Clearly, he has one goal in mind: Grab some coffee beans, get back home, and enjoy a few relaxing moments over a home-brewed coffee.

“The campaign highlights the elegance and design aesthetics and ease of use with De’Longhi’s new fully automatic, bean-to-cup espresso machine, the Dinamica Plus, that delivers on the brand’s promise of Espresso Made Right™,” explained Mike Prager, De’Longhi Group North America’s President and CEO.

The presence of the award-winning actor within the Treviso-based company’s crew means so much more than a collaboration with a global icon: Besides his acting talent and film-producing skills, Pitt is an advocate on environmental issues, an art collector, and has a passion for architecture and design. But despite his celebrity status, the actor maintains a charismatic attitude; a characteristic that runs in the De’Longhi family as well — a company that is tied to its roots and has an Italian passion for harmony and elegance.

“I wanted to work with De’Longhi because I appreciated their approach for the campaign — they have confidence in their product and want to celebrate the artist of their Italian heritage without overdoing it,” the actor shared with PEOPLE. “[Director] Damien Chazelle’s concept resulted in a beautiful product — just like their coffee machines, creating an indirect nod to the elegance, design, and harmony that the brand naturally embodies.”

Pitt’s real-life coffee time isn’t actually a ritual: He serves his hot drink quickly and on-the-go. Yet, this partnership with De’Longhi made him reconsider this routine and turn his daily coffee moment into a relaxing experience. “The European, specifically Italian idea about creating a sort of ceremony associated with coffee — I like that idea… of sitting down on my couch and really enjoying my cup of coffee,” Pitt adds.

What about you? What ritual do you have to achieve that Perfetto coffee moment?


Client: De’Longhi

Agency: M&C Saatchi Milan

Director: Damien Chazelle

Cinematographer: Linus Sandgren

Music Composer: Justin Hurwitz

Photographer: Lachlan Bailey

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