Skyscraper’s Stairway Carries Us to O₂’s Internet

After captured having its 5G network in an interactive work of art, stretching before the consumers’ eyes in a spectacular way via “The Visible Net” campaign, telecommunications brand O₂ teamed up with Serviceplan Bubble once again to show the many activities inhabitants of an apartment building can do upon deciding on making O₂’s Internet@Home fixed network a permanent guest in their homes. Whilst the previous installment allowed us to see how the internet manifests itself horizontally, the audience can now have a look at how people use the brand’s services, flat by flat, and up to the top floor, which ends in an apartment above the clouds.

This is where an “Alex” lives, waiting for their pizza to be delivered. The story is narrated from the point of view of the delivery pizza person, who has a lot of steps to climb to reach the recipient. But with each top floor the carrier climbs, the residents of the respective flats simply point up towards an upper apartment. Understanding what they are trying to convey, the transporter continues their stairway journey as the mission can’t be marked as complete so far. Will this pizza reach Alex eventually?

The short ad, “Every Home,” which we have just described, is part of the brand’s “For Every Home” campaign, built following the tagline “Home internet. For every home.” The skyscraper’s inside stairway allows viewers to get a better look at Germans’ habits and habitats: Things like getting ready for an Instagram story, meditating with a VR headset on, streaming, or dancing to online radio are some of the activities these people enjoy thanks to O₂’s high-speed internet, which meets the needs of different consumers.

Leif Johannsen and Patrick Matthiensen, Managing Partners Creation at Serviceplan Bubble, explains: “In order to communicate our message as simply and memorably as possible, we have developed the ‘Every Home:’ A house in which we stage scenarios of different types of internet usage in different dwellings.”

Michael Falkensteiner, Director Brand & Marketing Communications O₂ / Telefónica Deutschland, adds: “With our network campaign we have successfully positioned O₂ as a mobile provider with a very good network. But at the same time, O₂ has the largest home internet availability in Germany and is the first German provider to offer a fixed network tariff for all technologies. Therefore, we also want to make O₂ a well-known and popular brand for fixed network offers and significantly increase the perception of our Internet@Home products. We want the O₂ brand to be firmly anchored in the minds of consumers when they think of a fixed network.”

The initiative includes a TV ad, print, OOH, online, social media ads, and a longer film that is planned to run in the German cinemas. The film that allows us to travel above the clouds was directed by Rodrigo Saavedra out of Rekorder, with DOP Benjamin Todd, and 3D production by Sehsucht Munich. According to the agency, the “eye-catching sets were designed to give an insight into different apartments, in a Wes Anderson-style fly on the wall style.”


Client: Telefónica Germany

Brand: O₂ Deutschland

Agency: Serviceplan Bubble and Neverest Hamburg

Global Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan Group: Alexander Schill

Managing Creative Partner: Leif Johannsen

Creative Director Copy: Daniel Steller

Creative Director Art: Pavel Bondarenko

Senior Art Director: Tudo Cucu

Senior Copywriter: Philipp-Morten Gohla

Art Director: Felix Ebell

Art Director: Theresa Fechler

Managing Partner: Lars Holling

Account Director: Sabrina Schwartz

Account Manager: Nico Lohmann

Junior Account Manager: Johanna Pitz

Agency Producer: Christoph Köhler

Film production company: REKORDER GmbH / Dominik Meis

Director: Rodrigo Saavedra

DOP: Benjamin Todd

Production Designer: Mark Connell

Editor: Marcelo Vogelaar

Recording Studio: NHB Studios

Post-Production/ Grading: Marla Color Grading: Fernando Lui

Sound Design/ Music Company: Sound: NHB Studios/ Music: Peder and Asger Baden

Media Agency: Havas Media Germany / Michael Sack

3D Production/ VFX: Sehsucht München GmbH

Service Production: Shelter Film

Telefónica Germany/ o2 Deutschland

Chief Consumer Officer (CCO): Wolfgang Metze

Director Brand & Marketing Communications: Michael Falkensteiner

Head of Competence Center Communications: Brigitte Giels

Senior Marketing Communications Manager: Stefanie Welter

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