Step Into a New, HD Quality Era of Mobile Gaming

The mobile game market is an “8-bit” issue for gamers who want to feel high-quality experiences similar to those offered by console games. BBH London sympathizes with them, and in a new campaign for Samsung, the agency is inviting users to discover a new era of gaming, one very immersive and previously only available via game consoles.

Using Samsung’s new “Next Generation” Exynos 2200 mobile processor, gamers are given the possibility to explore a new kind of adventure, available to them as a one-minute video. Directed by Matthijs Van Heijningen for MJZ, mobile game fans can see a female character making her way through the streets of the bazaar, which is actually a figurative representation of an online app store. Before her latest gaming adventure, she went for a shopping session at the mobile game market. Much to her surprise, street vendors offer Samsung hero fruits or weapons, which are portrayed as poor quality, pixelated gaming products.

Nothing seems to interest her, except for a rabbit who, much like the one in Alice in Wonderland, attracts her to a different kind of (wonderland) market. When tracking an animal in an alley, a woman discovers this new place, where industry based on pixelated graphics from the upper world is replaced by high-resolution images. Even the audio elements help the audience notice that this underground black market holds more than meets the eye: teeming with dark creatures and illegal sellers of guns and weapons, all filmed in full HD, this recently discovered underworld gives clues about the gaming experience. Enhanced players are about to have fun.

The story is designed to talk about the next generation processor and its ability to keep gamers enjoying the same high-quality gaming experiences as on the console. The agency was done to stir up excitement ahead of the launch of the first phones equipped with the new processor, with the London-based agency looking at a mobile graphics processing unit (GPU) – developed by Samsung in collaboration with industry leader AMD – and deciding to use it as a starting point to talk more seriously. About mobile games. As such, the campaign theme “Playtime’s Over” and its promotional tape were born.

Chang Wan Kim, Brand Manager, Samsung Electronics explains: “We wanted to imply how the Exynos 2200 processor brings a premium mobile gaming experience, in a concise way. We are very excited to see BBH’s creativity come to life in this adventure hero movie, and we believe that This project could be a huge milestone that changes the trajectory of how we promote semiconductor products in the future.”

Stowe Royal, Creative Director at BBH concludes, “This has been the epitome of dreams for our partners at Samsung. To launch a new processor, aimed at seasoned gamers, is a fantastic opportunity. Together, we’ve built an incredible alternate world filled with rich detail, dangerous characters and even the most incredible weapons.” Dangerous. There are even some extra details hidden in there to reward the most interesting players.”

To bring the “The Marketplace” video to life, Van Heijningen worked closely with post-production company The Mill/Mikros MPC, who carefully created the main CGI characters in the short film, White Rabbit and Lizard. The music was composed by Goldstein Music, while 750 MPH was responsible for the sound effects. The site runs until the end of February and can be seen via YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Reddit, and TikTok.


Customer: Samsung

Agency: BBH London

Chief Global Marketing Officer, BBH Group: Adam Arnold

Executive Creative Director: Helen Rhodes

Creative Directors: Philip Holbrook, Stuart Royal

Technical Director: Will Maxi

Copywriter: Elliot White

Producer: Joe Pause

Senior Account Manager: Sam Hardy

Account Manager: Agata Krupa

Account Manager: Alexander Boden

Strategy Director: Aparna Bangur

Strategy Director: Will Lyon

Production company: MJZ

Director: Matthijs Van Heijningen

Producer: Donald Taylor

Editor: Rich Orrick @ Work Editorial

Post-production house: Mikros, Paris

Sound House: Sam Ashwell @ 750mph

Composition: Music by Goldstein

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