2022 Word for the year – Tasha Goddard

It’s hard to enter 2022 with a positive attitude when the Covid numbers here are frighteningly high:

December 31, 2021 UK Covid numbers from www.theguardian.com/uk

And when some of those close to me are going through really hard times.

But… I am an optimist and so I will do my best to be on the hope side and see if I can show a better year. And really, given the circumstances, this year wasn’t so awful. Two out of the four of us have been double hardened and reinforced, and the other two are supposed to be chopped up by the end of February. So far, he has survived (as far as we know) from Covid. We’ve been able to get out there quite a bit (but not out of the UK yet), with trips to London, Bristol, Cornwall, Edinburgh and Carnoustie. We’ve seen (not all of us for all of them) a host of musicals, circuses, live fireworks and numerous fair ride rides (and now I swear to them after bruising my ribs on the hurricane!).

The last quarter of the year has been full of illustration work for me, working on multiple books, along with 1-2 days of project management, and I’ve found a really nice balance. My illustrative career goal for 2022 is “more books, please” – so get in touch if you have any illustrative book projects you’d like me to work on from February onwards. I especially love working on some vegan cookbooks or nutrition books, but I’m very open to other projects as well. They don’t have to be books either, although I certainly wouldn’t feel sad if 2022 ended up with illustrative projects for books.

So… my word for 2022 is…

Word of the Year 2022: Discover


I like that my words this year have multiple meanings and applications, and that, I feel, is a good word.

  • Obviously I’m hoping there will come a point in 2022 when international travel becomes easier and I can go back to explore Europe and maybe beyond, and be able to take kids (there are currently many countries that won’t be allowed in yet because they have one vaccine). Just so far), if they want to come.
  • But I have enjoyed some exploring in the UK this year and would like to do more of it, especially hoping to be fit for some solo city breaks and sitting in people-watching cafés, wandering through art galleries and museums and getting my city steps in. (And I’ll be sure to share any trips, local or international, on my Insta-Travel, which have been somewhat neglected in the past couple of years!)
  • I also want to do more creative exploration – playing with different media and taking 15-30 minutes out of each day to do something different from what I’m working on at the time (and I hope to share this exploration on my Insta sketchbook) – plus I’ve signed up for a few art lessons Online this year, so I hope I can devote enough time to really delve into these lessons. I also think there might be some pattern exploration, as I’m starting to feel the calling of pixels and texture (see image above, for example). But I feel this call every now and then and I usually come home to a flatter vector style, so we’ll see if that shows up.
  • I want to continue my literary exploration – reading is a great way to discover new worlds, cultures, people or just new stories about ordinary and somewhat familiar life. You can see what I’ve been reading this year in my insta reading, although I’m actually a bit late in updating it. I also really like to flex my writing muscles again and see if any of the many stories in my head come out looking like a coherent figure! And if they don’t, I’d at least get back to writing here and in my newsletter – have you subscribed to it yet? – About illustration, life and anything else that comes.
  • I want to get better at exploring culinary, especially in terms of all the delicious foods plants can give us. I’m about to start vegan this year and hope to stick with it and beyond. But, even if I don’t fully succeed, I want to try, and exploreMore things to do with vegetables and less reliance on eggs and cheese. (Okay, maybe I’ll need an insta food! Or maybe I’ll need to explore how to reduce my insta addiction!)
  • And I want to continue to explore Tasha Goddard, who she really is, and what she stands for and believes in.

Do you have a word for this year? Do you have intentions and hopes for 2022 or are you still wary of them? I know I went a little crazy this time around two years ago with a word for the year, one for the decade, and a bunch of optimistic hopes. Yeah, sorry.

Whether you’ve got word for the year, huge goals, or you’re just hoping to make it through the year, I wish you a Happy New Year and hope it proves all you want and then more.

See you on the other side.

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